The Flying Challenge

I’m Andre, and i want to fly blindfolded

I love flying with my Feather Powered Parachute. The range of emotions you go through is amazing. There’s anticipation before the flight… a mix of fear and thrill during the take-off… relief and relaxation in the air and a challenge during the landing.

After 15 years of flying, I realized flying can be safe, however, most of my friends think otherwise. I was always telling them that I could fly my Powered Parachute with my eyes closed, and after a while it turned from a joke to an obsession.


Follow my journey to set a record, inspire people and help charities

Setting the record

My goal is to perform a complete flight while blindfolded, that includes take off, reach 500 feet height and land without any additional instructions or directions related to the flight.

After doing some research, I found that this has never been done before so I decided to take on the challenge of setting a new world record. I will fly my Feather Powered Parachute without a safety co-pilot or any sensors or computers that can guide me on my speed or altitude.

It is definitely a risky challenge but life is all about taking risks. Everyone is telling me that I lost my mind for trying to do this, but I am confident I can reach my goal and prove them wrong.



There is risk, but this is what life is all about

The World forgot flying is fun


All my life I was a type of person that enjoys the stress, the adrenaline of doing something, and this has always motivated me to do something new, be it my job or hobby.

I learned that motivation is the key to success, it made me a great businessman creating a big company out of nothing, I became a very good poker player with a championship win in my career, and a family man motivated to show an example to my granddaughters.


By doing this challenge I want to show to my family, friends and other people that it’s never late to do something in your life, it’s never late to be inspired, and by doing it you get a reward that no money can buy.

Time is precious and we need to use it, at the end of the day you will always remember the honeymoon trip with your wife, the trail to the top of the mountain you visited, the first time your kid got on a bike or other experiences you had, rather than a purse or shoes you bought.


If i motivate at least someone to act, my goal is reached

What’s Next?

Now that You learned about my challenge what are you going to do about it?






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